“At Last” workshop – comprehensive package


All prices in Canadian dollars. This comprehensive workshop package includes* 10 downloads (4 handouts and 6 backing tracks) as follows:


  • Part 1: Introduction, overview & history of the song, listening links to different versions, and detailed guided listening exercises to help develop your ukulele comping and arranging skills, improve your ear, and deepen your understanding of harmony¬†
  • Part 2: Basic chord chart in the key of F (same key as Etta James), intro and outro transcriptions from Etta James recording, jazz chord substitutions
  • Part 3: Bonus chord charts in the key of C (basic and jazz substitutions) – this is useful in case you find the song hard to sing in the key of F. Depending on your range, either F or C will likely work well.
  • Part 4: Backing track information and practice tips


Backing tracks:

  1. Key of F, Jazz quartet, 50 bpm (learning tempo)
  2. Key of F, Jazz quartet, 60 bpm (Etta James recording tempo)
  3. Key of F, Doo Wop (12/8 feel) 60 bpm
  4. Key of C, Jazz quartet, 50 bpm
  5. Key of C, Jazz quartet, 60 bpm
  6. Key of C, Doo Wop, 60 bpm


* You will receive an email with download links as soon as you complete your order. If you don’t see an email from Ukulele For Jazz Singers in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder. Contact us via the contact form if you cannot find it.

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Getting started

If you’re just starting out on ukulele, I recommend you follow the lessons in order, starting with “Vocal warm ups on the first four frets.”