Exploring the verse for “My Funny Valentine”

In this 60 minute workshop, we’ll explore the verse (introduction) to the Rodgers and Hart classic “My Funny Valentine,” as performed by Ella Fitzgerald. The term ‘verse’ is used in the jazz world to describe the introduction to a standard, usually performed rubato (out of time). It helps set up the main ‘story’ told in the song. Verses are rarely included in jazz music books, so you will learn what to listen for in order to correctly work out the chords from the recording. Once we’ve worked out the chords, we’ll learn them on ukulele and develop an arrangement that flows seamlessly into the main body of the song.

Level: Intermediate and up. We will be using jazz chords in different inversions. You are strongly encouraged to listen several times to the recording before the day of the workshop, as we will be diving into it in some detail.

Price: $10 Canadian. This is a special discount price in case you’ve been affected by the pandemic, so that more of us can make music together.

Tuning: this workshop uses GCEA tuning. Both high G and low G welcome.

This workshop will be delivered online via Zoom. If you don’t have a webcam and just want to follow along, that is fine. But if you have a question that requires me to see you play, please turn on your webcam so that I can see your hands and your instrument. You do not have to install special software – Zoom can run in your web browser. You will receive a weblink when you register.

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Event Schedule Details

  • February 7, 2021 2:00 pm EST - 3:00 pm EST